Energy Saving


The Energy Performance Certificate is a document needed whenever a property is sold or rented out. The EPC has to be produced also when the building is constructed and it is expected to provide useful data allowing the customer to evaluate and compare the energy efficiency of the property. The EPC is a document stating the building’s energy efficiency on a banded scale and it can be a standard choice for an investment.
The set of laws for a reference are the following:
European Community: 2002/91/EC 16/12/2002
Italian law: D.L. 192/2005
Italian law: D.P.R. 59/2009-UNI/TS 11300
Italian law – Lombardy: Decreto 11/06/2009 n. 5796
Italian law – Piedmont: D.G.R. n.46-11968 04/08/2009-UNI/TS 11300
Italian law – Emilia Romagna: D.G.R. n.1362 29/09/2010-UNI/TS 11300
Italian law – Liguria: R.R. n.1 22/01/2009-UNI/TS 11300
Italian law – Province of Trento: D.P.P. 13/07/2009 n. 11-13/Leg.
The aim of this directive is to give the property a document able to produce information about its own energy efficiency, to increase the value of the building with most efficient performance on the market
Reset offers its expertise to recommend cost-effective energy improvements to the building.
The increased energy efficiency of the property means reduced power consumption and outlay for a better environmental protection.
Reset is committed to submit an Energy Performance Certificate within 72 hours of the inspection.